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On the Dynamics of Periodically Restrained Flexural Structures under Moving Loads

M Botshekan, M Tootkaboni, A Louhghalam
International Journal of Solids and Structures
1 2019
Global Sensitivity of Roughness-Induced Fuel Consumption to Road Surface Parameters and Car Dynamic Characteristics

M Botshekan, MP Tootkaboni, A Louhghalam
Transportation Research Record 2673 (2), 183-193
Closed-Form Solution of Road Roughness-Induced Vehicle Energy Dissipation

A Louhghalam, M Tootkaboni, T Igusa, FJ Ulm
Journal of Applied Mechanics 86 (1), 011003
1 2019
Thermalizing and Damping in Structural Dynamics

A Louhghalam, RJM Pellenq, FJ Ulm
Journal of Applied Mechanics 85 (8), 081001
3 2018